10:04 Hyperlinks to Reality

As it relates to our unknown narrator, I found this link from NPR Books fascinating because its comment on the narrator being linked to Ben Lerner himself. Is Ben Lerner the narrator or is it loosely based off of his experiences in life? Furthermore, this link discusses the connection between the “superstorm” going on in Manhattan in 10:04. “Bookended by two historic hurricanes that threatened New York City (Irene and Sandy), 10:04 projects our narrator into several possible plotlines. For instance, he receives a diagnosis of a serious aortic heart valve problem as he also consents to be the sperm donor for a close friend who yearns to have a baby while he also leaves town for a writers’ retreat in Texas. Lerner’s dazzling writing connects and collapses all these storylines into one” – http://www.npr.org/2014/09/03/345107284/10-04-a-strange-spectacular-novel-connecting-several-plotlines

I find whether or not the narrator is Ben Lerner intriguing. There are vast accounts of what appear to genuine and close to Lerner, for it not to be him…


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