Dear Ruth: Smile

Dear Ruth

You wonder about me.

I wonder about you.

Who are you and what are you doing?

Are you okay? This is the most important part of the piece… Are you okay with yourself? Your interaction with Nao’s heart concerning diary? Do you lay awake at night unfulfilled, restless shifting your body back and forth? Are you okay? If not, that is okay. I often find myself just “fine,” or wondering around my digs before finally resting my head onto the finally cold pillow at 5:30am. It is okay to not be okay. 😦

When I am not okay, I try to understand why I am not okay. I hope you are lovely, happy, and fulfilled, but if you are not, do you try to understand why? Have you tried to understand yourself, your identity, or what makes you tick in the morning? Is it something small, like the weather being gloomy? Is it something bigger? Did you just reread one of the haunting passages in Nao’s diary…? If you did, please take a second, breathe in the night air, and have hope. I want you to have hope for you. I also want you to have hope for Nao. I understand you cannot respond to her, but maybe you can be strong for her? Maybe, just maybe, Nao can see you, hear you, and feel you from many stars away. It may only be a small chance Ruth, but please… Have unbreakable hope.

I know our interaction is defined by this one small letter, but, I already feel further connected to you. You are dealing with a tremendous storm of emotions, tasks, and other life requirements. Take a second, and I will too. I have two exams on Wednesday, and I am freaking out about my commitments. My problems are in no comparison to yours, and I am sure you cannot relate your problems to Nao. Life is fair because it is unfair to everyone. Ruth… Relax… Smile…

For Yourself

For Nao

With Love and Respect,


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