Americanah: Love

I found our class discussion this past Tuesday to be particularly intriguing in regards to love and relationships, as one of the main themes driving the plot of Americanah.

In Americanah, Ifemelu goes on to describe her thoughts on what could cure racism and hate in her first blog. In summary, she believes love is the only cure to separation and differences of races. I found it extremely interesting as one of my favorite artists, Bob Marley, said love and music would be the only things to cure racism and hatred.


Here is a clip from my favorite movie, as I am just trying to spice up my blogging abilities a bit hahaha and I mentioned Bob Marley in class… It has connection to the love and racism..


“Had this idea… He believed you could cure racism and hate. Literally cure it, by injecting music and love into people’s lives.”

I think Ifemelu could strongly get behind Bob Marley’s ideologies behind creating peace in such a chaotic world. Relationships, in Americanah, are such a driving force in the plot and each other’s character development compared to the previous novels we have read this semester. I have enjoyed Americanah incorporating more realistic relationships and their impacts on the seemingly more “real” characters in Adichie’s novel. I found this topic and Ifemelu and Obinze’s relationship and the relationship’s pureness and organic nature to be admirable, especially how it connects to being African American in a world filled of hate.

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