Bonus Projects: Creative/Critical New Media Experiments

Sometimes the best way to understand a structure is to build it. Sometimes the best way to analyze a creative work is to get creative.

Post a link to your creative/critical new media experiment below, along with a 300-word explanation of what you’ve done, how it enhances your/our/the public’s understanding of one or more of the novels from the class, and how the act of creation influenced your thinking, if at all.

2 thoughts on “Bonus Projects: Creative/Critical New Media Experiments


    I was really interested in the interactivity of A Tale for the Time Being, what with Ruth reacting to Nao’s story as if it had just happened and especially her note back at the end copying the format of the being page of Nao’s story. Like we similarly did after finishing the novel and writing, or at least trying to write, to Ruth Ozeki, I decided to make a play off of how the first page of the novel is formatted. I used twine to create an interactive short story out of the opening passage. Depending on how you react to what Nao says and answer her questions, you end up playing a different role in the story or none at all. Some of the outcomes are Ruth, Oliver, and even their cat because why not. I liked making this because I felt like I was getting in touch with the metafictional part of the story. Just by reading Nao’s diary, it seems that we are entering the novel and becoming part of the world, just as much as Ruth or Oliver are. This simulation just makes everything about the interactivity of the story more real and tangible. Metafiction is one of those hard things to grasp because it seems so new and experimental to me that I usually can’t seem to wrap my mind around what kind of part it is playing in the story or why it is even included, if for more than just the novelty of the technique. Making this game helped me to see that metafiction is all about bridging the gap and even erasing the line between reader and writer. Metafiction helps bring “realistic” stories one step farther into the real world, and now that I’ve made this short interactive game, for me, the novel feels just one step closer to becoming blended into reality.


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