Purity: The Body

In this portion of the reading, the body, its functions, and its ephemerality seem to be a leitmotif. There is Anabel's project about her body, Tom and Anabel's sex life, Anabel's frustration with men peeing standing up, Anabel's eating and exercise disorder, Clelia's colon, the dead body and ashes of Clelia, the cessation of Anabel's … Continue reading Purity: The Body

Purity: First Person Narrative

I was caught off-guard by the shift in narrative point of view with "[lelo9n8a0rd]." I was not expecting to read any first person accounts in the novel, and I'm curious as to why Franzen introduces this narrative technique so late in the novel, and only for Tom. I almost feel cheated that I get to … Continue reading Purity: First Person Narrative

A Tale for the Time Being: Temporal Stuttering

Ruth's typographical representation of what she deems "temporal stuttering" on pages 227-229 is a really interesting manipulation of the media at her disposal. She attempts to articulate her impatience with waiting for the Professor's email response: "her impatience grew. This agitation was familiar, and paradoxical as though some force was at once goading her and … Continue reading A Tale for the Time Being: Temporal Stuttering

A Tale for the Time Being: Translation

I think that translation studies is one of the most interesting components of studying literature. Ruth Ozeki's novel is itself a translation study. The character Ruth footnotes Nao's journal with definitions of Japanese words and phrases, and includes appendices to translate larger concepts, such as the teachings of Zen Buddhism. There is Nao's attempt to … Continue reading A Tale for the Time Being: Translation

Seven short stories about drones: death before life

I thought that the format of Cole's piece, "Seven Short Stories about Drones" was incredibly powerful. He tweets about seven of the most well known and highly regarded modern novels, each ending with notable characters' deaths by drone strike. The stories are so short and the deaths so abrupt that the effect of reading them … Continue reading Seven short stories about drones: death before life

10:04: Park Slope Food Coop

I researched the Park Slope Food Coop and the New York Times "exposé about certain members sending their nannies to do their shifts" (96). It's real. Here is the link to the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/18/nyregion/18coop.html?mcubz=3. There were also a slew of responses, such as this one from a former Coop member: https://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/07/praise-from-afar-for-the-park-slope-food-co-op/?mcubz=3 - check out the comments at … Continue reading 10:04: Park Slope Food Coop