Purity: Warning Signs

Tom's section is written in the 1st person however I felt I learned more about Anabel and her personal sometimes twisted thoughts and acts. Tom describes that his soul had unionized with Anabel's and that they were becoming too similar of people. At first this sounded extremely romantic, but truly became the downfall of their … Continue reading Purity: Warning Signs

Purity: Love Over Time

While Franzen follows a very periodical timeline in parts of Purity I felt a stronger connection with his characters, Tom and Annabel when he told their story in reverse. Starting with their divorce and the problems they struggle with as a couple felt very vulnerable and raw. The intensity of their passion in the woods … Continue reading Purity: Love Over Time

Americanah: Relationship Status

The topic discussed during Tuesday's lecture about impactful relationships was also relevant to this week's reading. When lfemelu returns to Nigeria she encounters a stark contrast to her own relationships in America. The most drastic difference being the relationship between the male and female role. Ifemelu recognizes the submissive roles women in Nigeria feel comfortable … Continue reading Americanah: Relationship Status

A Tale For The Time Being: Finally, a connection with Ruth

In the last section of reading I finally felt empathetic towards Ruth and became extremely sensitive and vulnerable when reading the darker parts of Nao's story. When discovering Nao's path to prostitution and the horrible details she writes about the disgusting bullying she goes through at her school I felt heartbroken. I felt that Ruth … Continue reading A Tale For The Time Being: Finally, a connection with Ruth