Purity: Mental

Whenever I start a book I am just looking at words until finally a scene pulls me in. That scene is usually when I get to understand more about the main character from how they handle an exciting scenario. This scene in Purity was when Pip brought Jason home after their date. Right off the bat, … Continue reading Purity: Mental

Purity: Detail

Franzen's way of describing the world always strikes me as so real and fresh and exact. I wanted to make a post of appreciation for some moments of description in this first section. Also, after reading a book like I Hate the Internet, which is practically stripped of any superfluous detail , it feels fantastic to be steeped in … Continue reading Purity: Detail

Americanah: Relationship Status

The topic discussed during Tuesday's lecture about impactful relationships was also relevant to this week's reading. When lfemelu returns to Nigeria she encounters a stark contrast to her own relationships in America. The most drastic difference being the relationship between the male and female role. Ifemelu recognizes the submissive roles women in Nigeria feel comfortable … Continue reading Americanah: Relationship Status